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Configure ArcGIS Drone2Map licenses

ArcGIS Drone2Map allows you to visualize and analyze geolocated images you collect with a drone to help you inspect areas from the air and monitor changes. 2D and 3D maps you create with Drone2Map can be shared to ArcGIS Enterprise.

Configure ArcGIS Drone2Map licenses for your organization

Configure Drone2Map licenses using the following steps. You will use the same licensing file used for the licensing portal. The licensing file is obtained from My Esri. The portal you specify to manage licenses is known as the licensing portal. Drone2Map connects to this portal to obtain licensing information for members of your organization. If your organization has multiple portals, ensure the portal you specify is the one you want to use to manage Drone2Map licenses. Only one portal can use ArcGIS License Server Administrator; you cannot configure multiple licensing portals.


Starting at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1, ArcGIS Drone2Map will have two license levels: Standard and Advanced. If you are upgrading from a previous version of ArcGIS Enterprise and using Drone2Map 2021.1, you must unassign the ArcGIS Drone2Map license and reassign your members either the ArcGIS Drone2Map Standard or ArcGIS Drone2Map Advanced license.

  1. If you haven't done so already, review the ArcGIS License Manager system requirements and install the software.

    You can download the setup from My Esri. The minimum release of ArcGIS License Manager that is compatible with Drone2Map is 2018.1. If you are also licensing ArcGIS Pro, the minimum ArcGIS License Manager version may be different.

  2. Open ArcGIS License Server Administrator and start the license service if it's not running. Click the Authorization tab.
  3. Select Named User from the Version drop-down dialog box and click Authorize Now.
  4. Select I have received an authorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the authorization process and browse to the license (.json) file that is used to license your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. Click Open.
  5. Click Next. A dialog box appears, indicating that the named user licenses have been applied. Click OK. A dialog box may appear for a few seconds, indicating that the licenses are being read again.
  6. Click the Availability tab and select Named User from the drop-down list. Confirm that your expected authorizations display.
  7. Click OK and close ArcGIS License Server Administrator.

Drone2Map licenses now appear on Licenses under Organization in the portal website, and you can provision them.

Provision Drone2Map licenses in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal

Sign in to the portal as the portal administrator or a portal member with privileges to manage licenses and assign Drone2Map licenses to portal members. See Manage licenses for instructions.


You can only provision Drone2Map licenses to portal members with a compatible user type.